Focus on your app.
We'll focus on the hosting.

Everything you need to get your application up and running - no messing about - just tell us how to run it and we’ll handle the rest for you.

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Affordable. Flexible. Fast.

We've taken a huge amount of time to build a platform which can compete with the big boys in terms of speed & flexibility while still being affordable.

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Run whatever you want

You can deploy any Ruby, Node.js, PHP or Python application to Viaduct & we maintain the latest (and older) versions of these languages & tools.

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Enterprise-grade database engines

Built-in support for MySQL, PostgreSQL & MongoDB, you can easily get your application up and running without worrying about changing your database.

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Extremely flexible & customizable

Our platform provides functionality & flexibility unseen on other platforms that allows you to run your apps in whatever way you wish.


Automatic monitoring & healthchecks

We continuously monitor your application and ensure all of it’s components are up & running. We’ll take action if anything is under-performing.

Easy to use. Fantastic UIs.

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Do you wish to deploy? [Hint: type "yes"]

~/app $ 

Our web interface is smart, sexy and sensual and will excite every fibre of your being and give you that warm fuzzy feeling everytime you login. But... if you’re a terminal fiend, our CLI toolkit will be right up your alley ready to leap out from behind the bins and provide complete satisfaction for your fingers.

What are people saying?

If we wrote all the good things people said about Viaduct, you’d die of old age before the page could load. We’ve chosen a select few quotes from Twitter and e-mails.

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