Each application deployed to Viaduct costs just £2.50/month

This includes one 350MB process, 1GB of storage, a hobby-level database and 10GB of bandwidth.

Your first month is free so you can have a play with the service before it costs you anything.


Web servers, background workers and other processes you need.

You’re billed based on how much memory you want to allocate to each process. You can choose much to allocate based on your own application’s requirements.

Memory Price
350MB £5/month
650MB £8/month
1GB £12/month
2GB £22/month
4GB £40/month


Enterprise databases running MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Memcache, Redis & more.

Enterprise databases are allocated disk space & dedicated memory. The amount you pay depends on the package you select when you create the databases.

Memory Disk Space Price
350MB 1GB £7/month
1GB 20GB £20/month
4GB 75GB £60/month
8GB 200GB £80/month
12GB 500GB £140/month

SSL & IP Addresses

SSL certificates, public IP addresses and other features to help make your apps more secure & more friendly.

Domain SSL

Viaduct integrates with Let's Encrypt to provide you with free SSL certificates.


Wildcard or EV certificates

You can upload your own certificates or buy wildcard or EV certificates through us at competitive prices.

from £50 one-off

Dedicated public IP address

If you need a public IP address (IPv4 & IPv6) for your application (either to host services on customization ports or to provide full SSL integration), we can add these for you.


Storage & Bandwidth

Storing data and getting it on and off the Viaduct platform is affordable and flexible.

We charge for how much data you store on the platform plus any bandwidth costs involved in getting it onto and off our services.

Extra Storage


1GB included per application

Extra Bandwidth

5p/GB transferred

10GB included per application


If you want extra control of your data backups, you can use our backup service.

Viaduct offers a few options for backups, each of which offers different retention times, frequency of backups & maximum storage.



Data taken every 24 hours and we’ll keep one daily backup, 4 weekly backups and 6 monthly backups.



Data taken every 3 hours and we’ll keep 8 hourly backups, 7 daily backups, 4 weekly backups and 12 monthly backups.



Data taken every hour and we’ll keep 24 hourly backups, 14 daily backups, 12 weekly backups and 24 monthly backups.

Join all our other happy customers. It’s completely just £1/month to get started!

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