How did Viaduct come about?

Viaduct was founded in November 2013 when we realised we couldn’t find a hosting platform which was both affordable and flexible enough for our needs. We looked at lots of options but none of them worked well for us - they were either extorionately expensive or didn’t have the functionality we need to run our high performance apps.

The team behind Viaduct have previously worked with some of the biggest names in virtualization and have a wealth of experience developing hosting platforms. It seemed logical that we should apply our skills to create to create a new platform from the ground up.


What humans are behind Viaduct?

Viaduct is the brainchild of Adam Cooke who’s also, coincidentally, the managing director and lead engineer at Viaduct. We wouldn’t be where we are today, though, without our excellent (and growing) team of developers, support guys and sysadmins who work tirelessly to ensure all our customers get the best experience possible.


What’s your infrastructure like?

Rather than using other public clouds like Amazon, we’ve built our entire infrastructure stack ourselves. We own & manage all our own network & server hardware upon which we run our own custom-built software stack to manage applications deployed on Viaduct. Our European zone is currently hosted in a secure data centre facility in London, United Kingdom.

We run our own network (along with aTech Media) which has excellent relationships with upstreams to ensure a great throughput wherever you are in the world.

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What happens if anything goes wrong?

We monitor every aspect of our platform and the infrastructure which it runs on. If anything goes wrong or looks like it’s about to go wrong, we’re notified immediately and we’ll be on it like a shot. If you’ve got any issues, you can always drop an email to our support team. Our status site is also regularily updated if there are any issues.


Any legal things we should know?

Viaduct is run by Viaduct Hosting Limited which is a UK registered company. We’re registered at Unit 9 Winchester Place, North Street, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1NX, United Kingdom. Our registration number is 8514362. We’re also VAT registered (GB 161 965 782) which means that we need to charge VAT to anyone in .the UK or in the EU who isn’t using Viaduct for business purposes. You should also check out our terms & conditions and our privacy policy.

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